BTL PROFESSIONAL | Scalp Finishing Oil

BTL PROFESSIONAL | Scalp Finishing Oil

BTL PROFESSIONAL | Scalp Finishing Oil

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BTL Scalp Finishing Oil 50ml

BTL Scalp Finishing Oil 50ml  

Crafted with several different kinds of oil such as Grape Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, etc—

BTL SCALP FINISHING OIL is a luxurious, concentrated hair and scalp treatment you want.

Packaged in a glass bottle this oil is specially formulated to repair and invigorate your everyday needs:

REVITALIZING EFFECT helps repair itchy scalp relieve hair damage, and stimulate your scalp

MOISTURIZING SHINE Deeply moisturize dry ends and lock it with a long lasting shine

NOURISHING HAIR GROWTH Nourish your roots and promote healthy hair growth

HAIR PROTECTION Protect your hair from UV damage

The perfect blend of luxurious natural oils sugar coated with fruit candies.

For best results pair it with other BTL products—it enhances its effects as well as the overall scent!


Whether it is to prep or finish the hair of the day, just add some droplets directly to your scalp.

Massage gently using your fingers or a brush. Do not rinse out and style as usual

Allow the hair to absorb the oil. Voila. 

Use as often as needed. 

Do not rinse out and style as usual! Use as often as needed.

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